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Essential Guide To Information Product Profits Review

Essential Guide To Information Product Profits – What is an information product ?



An information product is a product or service that you can sell to people. It provides them some valuable information for solving a specific problem in a specific niche.

It can have different form: an ebook, a video, an audio file, a live webinar…

Why are information products so great?

You can write (for example) an eBook or create a video course ONCE. Then you sell thousands
of copies of your information product as a digital download. Once created you can sell it over and over again
without doing any further work.

Why Essential Guide To Information Product Profits ?

I find this gem extremely useful. It is specifically designed for newbie internet marketers.
It breaks the complex process of information product creation into three simple steps:

  • Coming up with ideas
  • Create your information product
  • Marketing It

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What do I learn about information products?

1/ How to come up with information product ideas?

  • Start with a niche then narrow it down (p. 5)
  • Look at existing information products (p. 6)
  • Find out people’s problems (p. 6)
  • Find out your strength zone (p. 7)
  • Interact with the costumer (p. 7)

2/ What’s the best type of information product to create?

  • The first type IS an extremely popular option
  • The second other type should not be neglected
  • Finally, there is a step that can change your product into something exciting … or not

3/ Interview products

  • Where can you find an interviewee?
  • What format to adopt for the interview?
  • What questions you MUST ask during the interview? (p.13)

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More Essential Guide To Information Product Profits!

4/ Doing information product creation yourself v. Outsourcing it

  • The benefits of creating the information product yourself
  • The benefits of outsourcing

5/ Why you should avoid this common mistake ?

  • Reason #1 (p.16)
  • Reason #2 (p.17)

6/ How can you add this ingredient to your information product?
This strange boost is at the heart of your product. Simply, without it
your information product cannot sell. This is so important that it fills up
an entire chapter.

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create information products

information products

7/ Creating a sales page to sell your information product from

  • Get your consumers exited with an innocent technique
  • Design this part well
  • Check this other crucial aspect
  • Get round an error 97% of newbies do
  • Try to give these nutrients to your sales page
  • The last point must be clear (or your sales page will never convert) (p.22)

8/ The Last Piece To Achieve The Puzzle

  • Taking a shortcut
  • Using a clever technique
  • 4 marketing approaches you must use before your competitor do it
  • Take a seat in this skyrocket
  • An old forgotten method adapted to the web

So there you go, a great review of the Essential Guide to Information Product Profits, Grab Your Copy Now!

information product

information product