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MLSP Review – I Heard of MLSP, but What is It?

MSLP Review – Heard of MLSP, but what is it?



I am taking some time to do a extensive MLSP review because I have been in MLSP for a few months now and finally get it! You see MLSP is based on attraction marketing, Attraction Marketing has been around for a while but lots of people just don’t get it. It is a long term strategy that will take some time until you braqnd yourself and become “attractive”. I don’t mean your looks! I am talking about what draws people to join other people.

Most people want to join a successful person in a business, You can brand yourself as a successful person while you are in the process of becomeing successful. Now back to MLSP, My Lead System Pro has been around since 2008 and has developed into more than a just lead system. With MLSP you have a choice of 3 different levels that you can join at, you can upgrade, downgrade anytime.

To be successful and to brand yourself into a attractable marketer who people will want to join in any business you decide to promote, will take some time. If you are looking for a 30 day program and if you don’t see results in 30 days your out! Then MLSP is not for you, you may as well go to the next shiny object and “Try” for 30 days to see if “It” works. What you will find after many “Trys” and after many “shiny objects” is that you will be at the same place with less money and a lot of wasted time. You will be frustrated and in a LOT of PAIN!

I know this, I have been thru it all. I know many others that have as well. MLSP is the great pain reliever to almost every network marketer, affiliate marketer or any other online marketer. You see MLSP creates 4 income streams for you and you will be learning and growing each and every month! You must decide to commit to yourself and MLSP for at least 6 months to give yourself time. Time to learn, time to grow, time for the branding of yourself, time for the money to start rolling in.

MLSP has the best training from the best leaders in the industry! Once you get thru all the training during the time your working to brand yourself, you will be a Master of marketing! What..YES YOU! Can you imagine yourself as a Master of Marketing just like the GURU’s? That is what MLSP can do for you. MLSP also has a lot of great digital products that convert well.

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MLSP Review – 4 Income Streams

So lets talk about the 4 income streams that MLSP creates for you.
ALL the top earners create & sell their own coaching, training products, e-books, audios, etc. and keep 100% because it makes them the most money! When you Join MLSP and become an Affiliate, you can start selling amazing products people actually want to buy and keep 100% just like the top earners do. Finally start embracing Product Revenue like the Pros do to fund and fuel your business without having to create your own products! BRILLIANT!

Side Note: It is roughly 1,000,000 X easier to sell a Product to a Prospect than it is to sell a business opportunity, and top earners know this! That’s why all top earners lead with products, offers, and VALUE to build relationships (and their list) instead of leading with a MLM / business opportunity up-front!

Anything that pays you each and every month like clockwork. A good example would be MLSP: If you decide to join MLSP Mastery and become an Affiliate, we pay you $100 per member per month that you refer to MLSP Mastery.

ALL top earners have some form of steady, consistent Continuity Revenue outside of their MLM residual income, and as an MLSP Affiliate you can too!

Products that pay you $1,000 OR MORE per transaction. When you Join MLSP and become an Affiliate, there are a handful of products you can sell that pay you $1,000+. This is HUGE especially for new people just starting out. ALL top earners have High-Ticket Revenue in place for big money pay-days, and so should you.

MLM’s take a while to build, but you need money NOW to pay the bills, keep your business afloat, feed the family, etc. You create money NOW by embracing High-Ticket Revenue from products that pay you BIG (and FAST). If you choose to become an MLSP affiliate, we have your High-Ticket Revenue covered.

This is whatever MLM business or business opportunity you wish to build. MLSP does NOT or can NOT provide any ‘MLM or Biz Opp’ Profit Center revenue because MLSP is simply an affiliate program perfectly positioned and designed to help existing MLM business owners. If you do not have a business opportunity, MLSP does recommend you find a product, compensation plan, and leader that you resonate with and take advantage of the leverage and residual income that a legitimate MLM business provides… and embrace the 4th Profit Center of ALL top earners. But MLSP Is NOT a business opportunity and thus cannot provide “Biz Opp” revenue.”

Side Note: This is one of the four Top Earner Profit Centers that MLSP can NOT provide because MLSP is NOT a business opportunity: MLSP is a powerful home business solution and affiliate program. However, MLSP offers many different solutions to help you get leads and sponsor more reps in the MLM of your choice, and helps you build YOUR MLM Profit Center!

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MLSP Review – Why am I In?

larrys mlsp-review


Since I join MLSP, my leads have tripled and my list has tripled. I even on the MLSP company leader board for leads! MLSP has sales funnels that allow you to lead with a valuable marketing webinar, boom you have them in your aweber system. Once they get done with the Step 1 webinar they are presented with the step 2 MLSP opportunity if they dont like that they are presented with Step 3 Your Business Opportunity (you can add up to three). If they don’t join anything, your aweber autoresponder is following up on them periodically. Many people do not buy until they see something at least 7 times.

We have the best team “The Power Team Network” check it out here, when you join I will add you to our private facebook group

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