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SEOPresser WordPress Plugin Review Testimonial

SEOPressor WordPress Plugin Review and Testimonial



It is one of the best seo plugin for WordPress. Over 120,000+ Websites uses this plugin because it works out of box. I have used this plugin for years from version 3.0 to version 5.0. If you have a wordpress site it is the one plugin that you must have. Below is a list and description of the SEOPressor wordpress plugin powerful features, which can directly land your sites article for specific keywords on the first page of your search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo!)

When you get started developing your blog or website, most of us get it set up and start creating content on reviews and testimonials, wondering why no one can find it on the search engine. The reason is because it is not on the first three pages of search results.

So you hire a SEO expert and every time you create some content, you need to hire them again and again. Costing you hundreds of dollars because you don’t have the SEO skills. What if there was a plugin that had all the SEO knowledge guiding you through a perfectly SEO optimized page that you are trying to rank for.

SEO doesn’t happen by itself, you need to first figure out what keyword you plan to go after in the search engines. You can find and analyze certain keywords in Googles keyword planner tool. Once you have the keyword you are going after, start developing your articles content. SEOPressor wordpress plugin will score your content and tell you what to do until you get a perfect SEOpressor wordpress plugin optimized page.

If you competition is using SEOpressor wordpress plugin and you are not, you will always rank lower than they are. Take a look at this page, I am going after “SEOPressor WordPress Plugin” as my keyword. Didn’t you come across this page when you searched for SEOPressor WordPress Plugin? Did you notice what position and page I was on? I got there by using SEOPressor WordPress Plugin on my site. It is the must have plugin and I am sure there are some other SEO WordPress Plugins out there, but this one is the best and proven.

Now lets talk about all the features of SEOPressor WordPress Plugin and what it will do to get you on the first page of Google like I did (see below).

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SEOPressor WordPress Plugin Review of Features


1) SEO Score

SEOPressor WordPress Plugin shows a score of your SEO on your page. a SEO score of 100 is perfect and 80 to 99 will also do very very well on the search engine. SEOPressor WordPress Plugin analyses your content and gives you a SEO



score, the higher the score, the more chances for ranking higher in search engine. However, a score that is too high is detrimental to your placement, Google will recognize your OVER optimized content and you won’t rank high. In cases of an over optimization, it will give you a score of greater than 100 and will let you know what you can do to avoid it.

2) LSI keywords Suggestions

Latent semantic indexing keywords (or LSI keywords) are nothing but SEO terms for related keywords or synonyms. Once done with primary keyword optimization, you can select secondary keyword or third keyword from drop down. Suggested keyword list would be updated according to the keyword you select from drop down. This way, the post can be optimized not only for primary target keyword but for all the desired keywords.

A brief about LSI: These are nothing but synonyms or related keywords, by using them in your article you can improve the quality and credibility of it. Not only it improves the content, it has been used by search engines for judging the quality of content and ranking them for certain keywords. SEOPressor WordPress Plugin provides LSI keywords for our target keywords, it will show you the whole list of them, you have to just click on the keyword and it would be auto inserted to your post.

3) Over Optimization Check

This is one of the best features which I have never seen in any of the other WordPress SEO plugins. It gives you the possible over optimization warning when you are writing your post. It considers all the parameters while doing over optimization check, not only content it will also show you a warning even if you overuse the keywords in image’s alt text.

4) Keyword Decoration in your page

Useing your target keyword in header tags(H1, H2 & H3) is one of the oldest tricks that still works. Have them bold, italic and underline in few places will be noticed by Google because bolder, italic and underline keywords carry more weight



compared to the normal ones.
You must be thinking what a easy trick, I can do it myself why do I need a plugin for that? It’s not that simple, doing it improves SEO but overdoing it can bring negative results. That’s where this WordPress Plugin comes in picture, it will show you what to do, where to do and what not to do. Additionally, the Plugin will always notify you when it sees that you have overdone something to avoid over optimization penalties.

5) The URL of the page

It is good to have main keyword in the following places –
a) url of the post/page title
b) As an anchor text for internal link
c) As an anchor text for external link

This SEOPressor WordPress Plugin checks all of them.

6) Content

Original Content is king in SEO role when it comes to search engine ranking. Writing quality and unique content is in your hand, however there are certain areas, where you need to focus and SEOPressor WordPress Plugin covers all of them. It scans whole content for keyword density, LSI words density, image alt text, first & last paragraph, meta description, meta keywords and much more and provides a checklist of what to do to improve your SEO.
7) Videos

Videos from youtube on your page also gives you a bump in the search engine rankings. Google will show the page with one of their youtube videos above a equal page without. Just as important as images on your posts. Using SEOPressor WordPress Plugin you can easily click to embed a video that relates to your keyword.

8) Optimize post for more than one keyword

Performe keyword research and come up with a few related keywords. How many keywords do you target when you write the post? I’m sure it would be more than one and luckily SEOPressor WordPress Plugin provides the option to add up to three keywords for optimization.
However, if you just want to target one keyword that is fine as well.

9) Automatic smart linking

The importance of internal links, especially when you are writing posts related to each other. Is another great secret that has sneaked out and SEOPressor WordPress Plugin takes advantage of.

SEOPressor WordPress Plugin allows you to quickly search your blog and click on a related url to create a internal link.

11) SEOPressor WordPress Plugin: Cloaking of affiliate links

SEOPressor WordPress Plugin cloaks affiliate links and automatically links them to a certain keyword all over your blog to increase CTR, conversion rate and sales.

rich-snippet seo pressor review

rich-snippet seo pressor review

12) Rich Snippets

When you search for something on google do you see rating stars in search engine results? Do you click on these over the ones without star ratings? I bet you do, because everyone else does as well. You know that it’s a review and how much rating author has given without even visiting the page. This is a extra information which we are providing in form of meta data and this is visible to the users searching for something. Rich Snippets definitely improves CTR.

SEOPressor WordPress Plugin supports rich snippets for – reviews, people, products, recipes, events, music, business, and organizations.

13) Social SEO Settings via SEOPressor WordPress Plugin

Another important component of the SEOPressor WordPress Plugin and ranking on google is social sharing and engagement. SEOPressor WordPress Plugin takes advantage of this feature and shares content on facebook & twitter efficiently.

14) Meta Keywords & Description

When someone searches on Google, meta description is the one which is visible to user, it can affect your CTR if not written properly. SEOPressor WordPress Plugin will use some content to create these if the description doesn’t have it. Having the target keywords in meta tags is good old school SEO practice. SEOPressor WordPress Plugin has tons of settings to play with meta tags.

15) Image Optimization with Alt text and Image titles is supported

Image optimization improves on page search engine ranking and increases the traffic to your site or blog from image searches. SEOPressor WordPress Plugin provides two benefits just by optimizing the images.
16) SEOPressor WordPress Plugin provides Page/Post SEO score at one area

SEOPressor WordPress Plugin has a panel which displays all of the posts/pages along with the related keywords and SEO score. Saving time when you are installing SEOPressor WordPress Plugin on a established blog with lots of existing post/pages.
17) Other SEOPressor WordPress Plugin useful features

Dublin core support – Dublin Core metadata is used to supplement existing methods for searching and indexing Web-based metadata, regardless of whether the corresponding resource is an electronic document or a “real” physical object.

Add tags – Provides two services (Tag the net & Yahoo!) to fetch the tags according to your content, which you can select and then add.

Post slugs optimization – Inbuilt settings to remove stop words from post slugs to make them SEO friendly.

Posts titles optimization – Optional settings to automatically add main keyword to the post title.

Automatic keyword decoration – You can optionally auto decorate (bold, italic, underline) the target keywords.

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SEOPressor WordPress Plugin Testimonial Results

Below are some screen shots of the results I get with using SEOPressor WordPress Plugin. It is easy and fun! Imagine needing some money and being able to create a perfectly SEO optimized page for a product or service and let the customers come to you.













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