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Tube Traffic Mojo – Video Marketing the Tube Traffic Mojo way!

Tube Traffic Mojo what is it?



Tube Traffic Mojo review!  Want to start marketing with video but don’t know how to start or what you should do? Vieo marketing should be one of your top strategies. Sure you want to implement video into your marketing strategy but you need a course to get started. Video marketing is a great skill you need to master. Think of great copywriting but with video. You have to capture and keep your audience’s attention. Enter Tube Traffic Mojo, a great video marketing course by master video marketers Mark and Frank.

FREE 24 Min. Video Reveals How a Bluesman Guitarist, and a Downsized Corporate Salesman Hacked YouTube… Found Their Mojo… and Discovered the 7 No-Cost Secrets to suck in over 14,000 Leads in just 8 Months for FREE that require ZERO technical ability and NO special equipment.


Tube Traffic Mojo Review – The Course

Tube Traffic Mojo consists of 7 modules or sections. Each is a series of videos covering the most important aspect of video marketing, which walks you through on how to do things the right way to draw your audience and influence them to do what you want them to do, Take Action.

Relationship building with people through your videos is fun and easy if you know how. Once people watch your videos they feel like they have a personal relationship with you. Tube Traffic Mojo course contains 20 hours of training videos that you will enjoy watching and learning. You will be successful with video marketing if you follow the Tube Traffic Mojo review system developed by Mark and Frank. The training is very detailed and stepped through in small chuncks so that you can absorb it.

Mark and Frank generated over 14,000 leads in an 8 month period with their Tube Traffic Mojo system. They went from being broke, having to pool their money together to buy a $10 e-book to having their marketing business as their main source of income. Neither one of them have to go to work to a normal job for a boss because of their tube traffic mojo review system.

Video marketing can take your business to the next level when following the strategies in Tube Traffic Mojo Review.


The Tube Traffic Mojo Course Outlined


tube traffic mojo video

Frank and Mark broke this Tube Traffic Mojo Review course down into 7 easy to follow modules. Each module takes new and veteran network marketers through a step by step process to use online video marketing as a magnet for MLM leads. Here’s a breakdown of each module in the tube traffic mojo course:

Module 1: Getting the Authority Mojo

In this module Mark and Frank show you, step-by-step, how to create your YouTube channel and develop that YouTube Authority Mojo by using simple strategies that will get your name and brand out there to the YouTube MLM community and bring traffic to your own MLM videos with tube traffic mojo.

Module 2: Keyword Research

This Tube Traffic Mojo Review module discusses the importance of keywords and why a keyword research strategy is crucial in ranking your videos. For veteran online MLM marketers a lot of this information is old news but for those new to MLM and Online Marketing, this keyword research training is one of the most important parts of this tube traffic mojo course. They show simple and FREE keyword research tools that will allow you to rank your videos on both YouTube AND Google every time! You will also be shown the formula to use to find out roughly how many visitors a day you will have with this mojo formula. You also learn the difference between short tail and long tail keywords and the best time to use either one. Finally, you will discover the tool that will be able to evaluate your competitions’ back link profile. You will essentially be able to spy on the other guy, and destroy the competition.

Module 3: Video Creation

This is for those who have NEVER done any type of online video marketing, those who have NO tech savvy skills at all, but also for those who have done this before but offers a different way of going about it. It covers everything from what camera to use, what to say in your videos, how to create screen capture videos, and even alternative resources for video creation for those of us who may be uncomfortable actually getting in front of the camera right away. Finally, this module covers editing your video and provides both the Mac and PC versions and video editing software they personally use.

Module 4: Onpage Video Optimization

This module shows you the right way to do onpage video optimization. You are walked through the 7 steps of onpage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is crucial for gaining Youtube SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) and beating your competition. If you do this right, even if you are new, you should have no problem getting page 1 positions. This is the crème de la crop of the tube traffic mojo course.

Module 5: Offpage Video Optimization

Here you will learn the basics with tube traffic mojo of understanding what off-page optimization is and the role it plays in you getting your videos to the top of Google and YouTube. You will learn the power of “syndication groups”, easy and quick backlinking strategies and different powerful tools and software that you can use to begin backlinking and begin to get rankings on your videos immediately. This is basically all about advertising your videos and driving tons of traffic to them through returning links.

Module 6: Super Secret Strategy

Just as it suggests, Mark and Frank reveal a super secret strategy that can help you dominate any keyword you choose. By following this tube traffic mojo course strategy you will crush all your competition!

Module 7: Capture Page Mojo

This module will show you how to set up the perfect capture page using My Lead System Pro, and how to get conversions of up to 60% and how to create a capture page using the WordPress theme Optimizepress.

I recommend Tube Traffic Mojo click this link to get started with a Free Overview

FREE 24 Min. Video Reveals How a Bluesman Guitarist, and a Downsized Corporate Salesman Hacked YouTube… Found Their Tube Traffic Mojo Review… and Discovered the 7 No-Cost Secrets to suck in over 14,000 Leads in just 8 Months for FREE that require ZERO technical ability and NO special equipment.